Pre-Kindergarten Program

The Pre-K program in GPISD has been developed using the TEA’s guidelines and early education best practices, including Dual Language at a majority of our campuses.  Our program follows the Pre-K guidelines developed by TEA providing a rigorous environment to address the developmental and social needs as well as the academic content and the readiness skills essential for them to be successful.   
Our focus is bringing families together in an educational community that helps to provide a rich environment in which students can develop and reach their potential.  We intentionally develop strong relationships with students, their families and our community.  

Criteria for Free Pre-K
For students who qualify under the FREE Pre-K state criteria, GPISD offers the choice of One-Way Dual Language, Two-Way Dual Language, ESL, or general English curriculum.  Federal qualification criteria include: 

  • Economically disadvantaged
  • Limited English speaker
  • Parent active in military 
  • Homeless
  • Under court-appointed guardianship  
For more information regarding FREE Pre-K qualification criteria and Dual Language programs, contact Cecilia Lopez at 972-522-3192. 

Tuition-Based Pre-Kinder 
For students who do not meet the federal guidelines, GPISD offers tuition-based Pre-K at:

  • Garner Fine Arts Academy, 
  • Bonham Early Education School (Two-Way Dual Language)
  • Crockett Early Education School
  • Moore Elementary 
  • Marshall Elementary

Click here to pay for tuition-based Pre-K.  Instructions to make payment.

For more information regarding Tuition-based Pre-K, contact Cecilia Lopez at 972-522-3192.