What is AP® ?

AP Students

•       A nation-wide collaborative effort among motivated students, dedicated teachers, and committed high schools, colleges, and universities

•       Created in 1955

•       Allowed millions of students to take college-level courses and exams, and to earn college credit or placement while still in high school

•       A curriculum-based assessment program

•       Rigorous courses offered in a wide variety of subject areas

•       College credit or placement for high school students

•        A rigorous academic experience in high school


The Pre Advanced Placement Program
Middle School Students

       •      Builds rigorous curricula

•      Promotes access to AP for more students

•      Introduces skills,concepts, and assessment methods to prepare students for success in AP and other challenging courses

•      Strengthens curriculum and increases academic challenge for all students


Benefits of Pre-AP/AP


What Can GPISD Parents Do to Support their Pre-AP/AP Student?

• Talk with your child about their Pre-AP/AP classes

• Become aware of course expectations

• Take advantage of SAT Prep classes and other offerings

• Communicate regularly with teachers and counselors about your child’s progress in Pre-AP/AP courses

• Encourage your child to participate in after-school study groups with other AP students

• Have high expectations and share them with your child!

• Work with your child to learn “the ropes” for getting into the college of choice and for finding college scholarship opportunities 



What Can GPISD Pre-AP and AP Students Do to Support their own Success?


Develop “scholarly” behaviors and attitudes

• Set goals and maintain high expectations

• Ask for help if you need it!

• Become aware of the course expectations

• Commit to an after-school study group

• Be pro-active in preparing for college entrance

• Sign up and take the PSAT in the fall of your junior year

• Review your PSAT scores and answer summary documents to find your areas of strength and weakness

  (go online and use the tools at My College Quickstart using the code from your PSAT report)

• Take SAT Prep courses

• Sign up and take the SAT in the spring of your junior year (this gives you time to re-take the SAT for a higher score if you feel that you want to improve)

• Use the online tools at to research colleges that offer degrees in fields of interest

• Work with your counselor to search for college scholarships and grants

Contains information for finding schools,financial aid, and making plans for college.