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GPHS 9th Gopher Principal

We are “Going Places” this 2012-13 academic year at GPH 9th Grade Center.

As a 17 year educator of Pre-Kindergarten through Higher Education, I have had the privilege to experience student success at all grade levels. Moreover, I have witnessed students gain an appreciation for their educational experience at varying points and have witnessed the positive transformation in their lives. My personal motto as an administrator is that “All students can learn” no matter where they are along the continuum of learning. The process of educating students to love the art of learning takes precedence, and GPH 9th Grade Center Staff proudly takes the challenge.

Expounding on the thought that we are “Going Places” this year, our theme is centered on a book by author E.D. Hill, “Going Places: How America's Best and Brightest Got Started Down the Road to Life.” In this journey, staff is committed to using the collection of moving and instructive profiles that reveal exactly what inspires and drives our students to survive and thrive in the academic arena.  

It is truly an exciting time to be a part of GPH 9th Grade Center. Our hopes are that students leave the 9th grade experience this year with a sound commitment to academic excellence that projects throughout the rest of their lives. Yes, we vow to make a positive impression in the lives of our students – one student at a time.

Thank you,

Veronica Trujillo Kunschik